Having a Great Picnic without Spending

Warm weather means more time outside in the sunshine or sitting in the shade. Summer was made for picnics. From the simply the kids having lunch outside, to families getting together for a large picnic style family reunion.

My grandmother used to take my sister and I for picnics on the beach. They lived just a few minutes walk from a great, basically private beach. There were rarely times that you would see anyone else there.

Picnic without Spending

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Weyburn Train Playground & Museum

About a month¬†ago Weyburn Saskatchewan (where we live) got a new playground. It’s not very big, in fact it’s more just a piece of playground equipment at the train museum. But we of course had to check it out. Who with kids wouldn’t have to go check it out?

In case you haven’t ¬†figured it out already, this little playground is a train.

Train Playground

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Fun in the Park – Playground

This afternoon we spent some time at a somewhat local playground. We have only been there one other time and it was a short spur of the moment stop. Today we spent a good amount of time there, until a cranky teething baby got cranky. I took a LOT of photos with our camera, and Hubby took of bunch of photos and videos on his phone. The girls never stopped moving. Here are a few of the pictures we took of the playground its self, these pictures do not do it justice.

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