What I Carry in the Summer

Summer and winter are so vastly different here, it really is a night/day type thing. Winters are -30 (or colder) and summer is generally +30. It requires me to carry a lot more with us during the summer to beat off dehydration and because we’re spending more time outside.

I carry a number of things around with me all summer. They stay in my bag or go right back into it when we leave again. We might not go far during the summer, preferring to stay close to home. I have a pink tote that is huge, I can carry a lot in it, which is why I bought it. I’m not the mom carrying just a wallet, I carry everything but the kitchen sink at times.

Huggies Little Movers Plus

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Must Have Items for Traveling with Kids

We have gone on a number of road trips. From one day trips to numerous weeks trips. We’re not pros at traveling with kids, but we do know what does and doesn’t work… for our kids, and maybe they’ll be the same for yours!

We have traveled to Saskatchewan, to Nova Scotia and back again, all driving, always with children. Now that we are planning yet another road trip, this time to British Columbia, I feel like I have a pretty good idea on what we need, besides clothing and such.

 must have items when traveling with kids

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A Year Gone Too Fast

Once you have children time flies. The years are a blur. I would love to have them slow down a bit so we can relax and enjoy, remember all the moments. In fact that’s why I started blogging all those years ago in Blogger, to remember the fun things that I was doing with my kids.

I scrolled through some pictures on said blog (though now on WordPress) and found these pictures from last July. I had every intention of staying home today, but I now think a trip back to the wadding pool and spray park might be needed.
splash pool

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Having a Great Picnic without Spending

Warm weather means more time outside in the sunshine or sitting in the shade. Summer was made for picnics. From the simply the kids having lunch outside, to families getting together for a large picnic style family reunion.

My grandmother used to take my sister and I for picnics on the beach. They lived just a few minutes walk from a great, basically private beach. There were rarely times that you would see anyone else there.

Picnic without Spending

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