In Moments of Reflux

Reflux is very common in babies, and treatable. This is our story so far.

At a month and a half Gauge just started screaming in the evenings in particular, but during the day and night at times as well. No amount of nursing, cuddling or walking around my living room helped. And spit up… wow. I think more was coming out than going in.

But he was still this super happy baby for most of the day. So walking into the doctor’s office with a happy, smiling, flirting baby, it was hard to say “something isn’t right”.

But as a mother you have to go with your gut instinct, so on my first trip to the doctor with Gauge, I had reflux in the back of my mind. I didn’t say anything, just waited to see what the doctor had to say. I was told to give him just a little something extra in the evenings, be it a bit of cereal or a bottle. [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: A Few Faces of Gauge

My husband got these photos of Gauge last the other night while they were sitting together in the chair. They’re cell phone quality, sorry.Gauge's facesThe “what ya doin’ Dadda?” [Read more...]

My Smiles are Because of You

I am smiling. I am proud. I am a mother.

Hubby and I watched just the other day as Austin taught her little sister how to zipper up her jacket all by herself. I am so proud of what an amazing big sister she is. She loves her little sister and brother.

The fighting between those girls could drive me crazy, almost all day, any day – usually starting when Brookland wakes her sister up in the morning.

But in the end, they are sisters who love each other.

At Brookland’s two month needles, down the hall through a closed door Austin heard her little sister cry and wanted to go to her to make her happy again. Now two and a half years later, Austin is making sure her little brother is happy. She is a four, almost five, year old little mother hen. [Read more...]

My Favorite Movies

There are so many movies that I never get sick of watching, I am comforted by knowing what is going to happen in a world where nothing is certain. Three of my top favorite movies would be:

Grease. I have been watching this movie for as long as I can remember. I can’t count the number of times my younger sister Caitlynn and I watch her old Beta* copy**.  Each Sunday late morning, early afternoon we would head to the kitchen to make an ice cream Sundae. Whatever we could find for toppings went on it, chocolate, peanuts, cherries, you name it. Then we would head to the TV Room to watch and sing along with Grease.

Grease [Read more...]

We’re Baby Wearing

I started baby wearing with Austin… I had Snuggly and HATED it. All caps kind of hate, it hurt my shoulders and back (she was just a tiny little thing) so I only used it once or twice.  Then came Brookland. I used that darn Snuggly again for walks until I got my double stroller, unless I convinced someone else to go for a walk with me so I didn’t have to use it.

Then one lucky day I won a Cuddly Wrap in a giveaway (from Everything Mom and Baby). I was so excited, couldn’t wait to get it. It changed the way I felt about wearing my kids. I loved wearing Brookland with my wrap.

I was able to do more with Austin simply by wearing Brookland. If we went somewhere and she was fussy unable to sleep due to being over stimulated I’d take her for a walk. It is so much easier (and saves so much room) to pack a wrap than a double jogger. It has gone camping with us as well. [Read more...]