Breastfeeding Savings Plan

I am not going to preach breastfeeding to anyone. I don’t care if your breastfeed or formula feed your baby as long as your feeding your baby who cares, its up to you. But I did see this in my hospital room when I had Gauge. Kinda cool to thing about it: Breastfeeding Savings Plan.Breastfeeding Savings Plan [Read more...]

Good-bye Money. I Miss You Already.

I have finally had to drop the ball on something with everything that I have going on. It means saying good-bye money too. I’m not 100% happy with it but let’s face it when you are attempting to get everything done, and 4-5 days a week its mainly on you, something is going to have to change.

Over the weekend I made the tough, sad, money wrenching decision to stop cloth diapering.¬†After all this time – 3 years give or take a month- I did the final wash and bagged them up. We’re done.

Good-bye Cloth [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: My Three are Growing Fast

I love taking pictures of my three kids, I especially love taking pictures of the three of them together and comparing them to previous ones. The first one I took was on November 3, 2013 the day after Gauge was born, the day we left the hospital. They are growing fast that’s for sure.

Growing Fast


Shared the most recent on Instragram last week:

growingfast-fourthHow they have changed in such a short time.

Locks of Love

Today while attempting to get a hair brush through Austin’s hair I gave in and called to make a hair appointment to get the hair cut she wanted. She wanted her hair cut short like mine. After making the appointment I remembered a site that I had come across just the other day, Locks of Love.

After I brushed and braided her hair I measured it to see home long it was. I was surprised to see that her braid was 12 inches long, I knew her hair was long but I had no idea that it was that long. To donate your hair needs to be 10 inches from tip to tip. You can donate dyed and permed hair, just not bleached.

locks of love - before [Read more...]

My Day with Three Children

I know it wasn’t that long ago that shared what my day was like and I had a number of comments on the size and “cuteness” of my dishwasher. Well ladies, I’ve since upgraded and added to our family so I thought for anyone wondering about life with three children, I’d share what a typical day is like around here.

Day’s like today where the little girl I baby-sit comes (Mon-Wed-Fri) I am up by 6:30am at the latest. Or 5am, when Gauge thinks its playtime. And then he falls back to sleep at 6:30am on the dot I swear.

My Day with Three ChildrenThe day must start with coffee. [Read more...]