Polymer Clay Play Coins for Kids

May daughters have been using their Frozen charm bracelets as “coins” when playing as they lost the few that came with their cash register. In their defense they got the cash register at least three moves ago.

While we’re trying to not spend money on extras right now I really wanted to get them some coins to play with, and other than giving them actually money I didn’t know how to go about doing it. So I hit up Pinterest, because, that’s how all great, and not so great, ideas start, right?

Most of what I saw was paper, which I didn’t want for coin… and I already had an idea for cash.

Polymer Clay Play Coins

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Grocery Shopping for Our Family of 5

We are a family of five living on one income. My husband’s income has to cover basically everything, rent, heating and lighting bills, vehicle payments, and of course food. I’m lucky enough and frugal enough, that sponsored posts and freelancing covers birthday and Christmas presents.

Shopping for our family of 5

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Nova Scotia Food

The other night my five year old requested fish for supper. So off to the store we went for a box of High Liner’s Haddock. Along with a bag of french fries in the freezer supper for the kids and I were planned, Hubby was on his own as an anti-fish eater.

During supper we started talking about the food we missed from back home. Including real, fresh fish. Oh God, fresh fish, I’m talking fresh off the boat that not too many get to experience.

Nova Scotia Food - Fish

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S’more in a Solar Oven

Summer is hot. I mean, 34°C hot, if we’re lucky we might get a breeze. It’s too hot to cook over the stove let alone run the oven. Like hot enough to fry an egg? I don’t know about that, maybe we’ll try it on the next hot day. But I do know you can make s’mores out there.

We created a tin foil solar oven, using, you got it, tin foil. You might need cardboard and tape as well. If you happen to have a pizza box laying around that would be perfect to line with tin fold. We used two cookie sheets, tin foil and a chair. The foil wrapped itself nicely over the edges of the cookie sheets, and the chair kept the second cookie sheet standing up.

I bought a simple *S’more kit so that “pieces” didn’t go missing. It was the best way to plan ahead for this activity.

Make you s’more and place it in the “oven”.

S'mores in a Solar Oven

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