Messy Friday: Elephant Toothpaste?

September 14, 2012 in Kids Activites

Have you seen this around? Elephant toothpaste. Say what? I know Austin thought I had finally lost my mind when I told her what we were making. Then she asked where the elephant was, looking around our small back yard, you know, cause I could easily hide an elephant.

I’m so glad I had everything laid out ahead of time and know what to do without thinking about it. A preschooler and a toddler, a plastic bottle, and bowls of things are just too temping. Brookland couldn’t keep her hands off the plastic bottles and Austin was ready and eager to start mixing.

I’m not entirely sure why this is called elephant toothpaste. When I think toothpaste I think thick, something with substance, not fluffy bubbles. But considering there is nothing to give it that substance I don’t know why I was thinking that there was.

I {kind of} had everything on hand for making this. We ended up using brewers yeast as I forgot to pick up some baking yeast, besides the smell difference I don’t see how it could have made a difference.

  • 1 tsp yeast
  • a small bottle
  • 2 tbsp warm water
  • 1/2 cup peroxide
  • food colour
  • squirt of dish soap
  • a pan to set the experiment on to catch the mess

Mix the yeast with the water in a small bowl, give it a stir and wait a few minutes for the reaction.

You might want to have a pan with higher sides, a cookie sheet might not be high enough.

While you are waiting on the yeast, pour the peroxide into the bottle, add some food colour and the dish soap.

Get ready and add the yeast. We made a mess before we even got to adding the yeast to the bottle, but once we got it there watch out. One second nothing. One second bubbles sliding ever so quickly out and down the side of the bottle.

The kids didn’t know what to make of it at first. They wanted to touch it, but didn’t dare.

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