Starting Our Garden

We had been hoping all winter that we would be able to have a garden this spring/summer and we finally had the extra cash to make it a reality this weekend.

Austin and Hubby built a little ‘foundation’ for a green house (still waiting on it).

We all spent some time picking up rocks, the odd piece of garbage and, of course, some toys.

Here is the some what finally product: red & green peppers, tomatoes, green onions (seeds) and in the pot ground cherry tomatoes. Someday soon, hopefully, Hubby will be building the green house around them.

Left to right: Pumpkin seeds, a watermelon in back, cucumbers, lettuce seeds, yellow onions, beet seeds, and sweet pea seeds. Yummmm!

Austin had so much fun putting the seeds in the ground and patting the dirty down. I can’t wait until she see things starting to grow from all her hard work. I know the cherry tomatoes won’t be on the vine long once she realizes what they are, the girl loves her tomatoes.

Hubby and I are looking forward cooking with fresh veggies and doing lots of canning this fall.

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