Saving Electricity

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We got our dreaded power bill the other day. I hate seeing the meter man going around, knowing that in no time that bill will be arriving. Here in Nova Scotia, the cost of electricity went up again not too long ago. We aren’t bringing in anymore money than we were before to make up the cost difference, so I started looking around our house at ways we can limit how much we use.

I started by going to the Nova Scotia Power website and looking around. There are programs in place to help. The I thought about everything that we do in the run of a day that requires power.

Laundry: I use cold water only. Hang dry for the most part. There has to be a huge amount of laundry in my house, with a lot of rain for me to run the dryer to completely dry a load.

Dishwasher: I have cut down on the number of loads to once a day and I run it through the night, this way the water pressure is there, I don’t have to worry about rewashing dishes, and our water pump isn’t running twice as hard to provide water to sinks, toilet, etc as well as the dishwasher.

Appliances: I don’t leave the TV running for background noise anymore. I am always turning off Hubby’s computer monitor when he isn’t using it, this drives him crazy. I also make sure that the dish and Wii are off when we aren’t using them.

Lighting: Now that the sun is sunning longer into the evening, we are of course using our lights a lot less. Even in the winter we use lamps instead of over head lights, I don’t know if this saves energy or not but, two light bulbs instead of three has to be somewhat better.

How do you save energy in your home? Is there anything else you can think of that could help me or others?

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  1. A company contracted by efficiency ns came to our house this week (Yarmouth area) and did a free energy overhaul on our house. They replaced 31 of our lightbulbs with energy efficiency bulbs, replaced 2 shower heads with low flow ones, wrapped our hot water tank to retain heat, and left us with 2 energy efficient night lights for the kids. You can sign up at their website – It was all free!!!!

    • WOW awesome idea, thank you. I wonder if they can be here before I move though, to help out the renters. I am definitely going to find out. :-)

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