Our Favourite Books

As a child I like be read a bed time story, and now Austin does too. It is our down time, and makes for an easier bedtime routine if she knows there is a story waiting at the end. My favourite part of our story time would be that the stories that are her favourites were my favourites as a child as well.

Who doesn’t love a good Berenstain Bear book? These were my all time favourites, still are and I love how much she likes them too. I also like that there are some episodes on Netflix.

Little Critter (Mercer Mayer) books are fun too. She wasn’t very old when her Great Grandmother gave her one of the books that was Hubby’s from when he was young.

Robert Munsch… who doesn’t like these books?! They are silly and fun to read. Austin is just starting to enjoy these.

Needless to say, my girls have a lot of books, and these are only the really good ones. Not including the counting, ABC’s, Dora the Explorer and other books that they also have. I am a big reader and hope that Austin and Brookland always enjoy it as well.

Does your family have favourites that they like to read?

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